Effects Of Silence On Relationships

Birds of a feather flock together! You run around with losers, you’ll end up a loser.

Les Brown

People we associate ourselves with play an important role and have a tremendous impact on our lives; the way we talk, act, think, and therefore: live!

There are things called “paradigms”, which determine the outcome of our actions, without exceptions. The paradigm is the determining factor behind every action one decided to undertake. If the paradigm says “No, you can’t”, you won’t even try.

Paradigm is the mental program, which found its place of residence within the subconscious mind of an individual. Every thought and idea is a living thing, feeding and living off the energy of the mind.

The groups we associate ourselves with may alter paradigms, and by doing so, change one “good child” (according to standards of the society) into a lazy bum, drug addict, alcoholic, etc.

An interesting thing is a key behind every connection. It’s the “frequency” the mind operates at. That factor is somewhat easy to spot in the animal kingdom. Birds do not differentiate differences between species, neither do wild cats or snakes. But “something” separates them. That “something” is the frequency of the mind. Here is a quote from one of my articles I posted 9 months ago:

“Whenever you see a group of living beings, you are witnessing the synchronicity of their minds. Minds of those “losers” and “birds” are working on the same frequency, out of which are pouring the same thoughts, and results.” The Magnificence Of The Subconscious Mind

You can’t find an eagle in the chicken coup, nor can you find a lazy penniless bum among Wall Street billionaires, even though they might have some similarities. For instance, both, chicken and an eagle have wings, while the Wall Street billionaire and a lazy bum from the “hood” may be of the same color.

Telephones can illustrate the importance of frequencies and our paradigms. We decide who we are going to call by selecting frequency. Frequency is determined by numbers. Every call, these days, is on its own frequency. Change it, and you’ll change the destination of your call. You may decide to call a friend in Florida, but you can also call your friend in Moscow or Paris, and the outcome is determined by the frequency. That’s the modus-operandi, (overly simplified). The same thing happens when we change our minds (we don’t really change our minds, just the modus operandi thereof).

Well, it’s not a bright idea to let society change your paradigm. What we out to do is to separate ourselves, pour some WISDOM (not mere knowledge) into our minds, raise our awareness, and by doing so, change the paradigm. Two things are the most effective when it comes to changing paradigms: understanding of the knowledge, and habits.

“Habits”, are the reason we should be very strict when it comes to the selection of our friends, and associates, because it’s quite an easy thing to do to start reading someone’s Facebook / Twitter posts on a daily basis, and absorb that person’s mentality and energy. For instance, I’ve been absent from using social media for 2 years. While offline, I felt amazing. Powerful, calm, creative… but once I decided to return to Twitter and start communicating with “old friends” again, the same old feelings were reborn. Those feelings shifted my thinking, even though temporarily, but enough to tailor my daily actions, and habits, which indirectly means I let other people change my life. How? Well, it’s not an easy thing to do to find a positive and intelligent person online these days. Everyone is fighting over bones served by the mainstream media, and politicians. Everyone “has to” comment on the news, etc. Things that make you feel sick will make you sick… No positive news can be found, for a good reason, though.

Anyways, sometimes, we have to say “no” to our closest relatives, family members, parents, brothers, and sisters. But, what if we can’t? What if you don’t have the funds necessary to move away? What if that person’s life depends on your assistance? What should you do if you find yourself locked in a cage with someone that’s unaware of the power of habits, thoughts, and speech?

That bothered me for a long time, and occasionally, it still does. As a person that was responsible for the safety of airliner passengers, I had to protect my focus, however, once my family members came under my roof, that changed. 2 dogs, 1 cat, and three family members that can’t stop talking. Sometimes, they talk while sleeping, too! They have to comment on how the food tasted and how much did they eat, what the weather is like and what the dog did yesterday…I mean, all the useless things one can think of…

I realized I became unable to handle my duties and began losing my mind. From a person that’s capable of imagining and designing aircraft with the mind, I became a person that can’t hold peace of mind. Quite interesting. Then, one day, I decided to end all communications, and shut my mouth, for a while. No exceptions! There were no “good morning”, “good night”, “have a blessed meal”. NOTHING.

After a week, there was an enormous and obvious change in my thinking. Every change takes time, so does every growth. A seed can’t become a tree overnight. Well, my creativity has been restored, the peace of mind reborn, and the power brought back to me.

That’s the cheapest, most effective, and “politest” thing to do! I can’t find any scientific evidence that “my” theory is correct and functioning, perhaps, because nobody has ever thought of researching an impact the silence has on our minds. There are no scan images anywhere to be found! One day, I’ll do it myself! My brain will be scanned before, while, and after a period of silence. Then, we will have the “scientific evidence”.

So, how does silence affect human relationships? By determining them. A person that goes into the silent mode will inevitably become mentally more advanced, which will push him/her beyond what’s currently possible and acceptable (for the current state of mind). He/she will be looking for a different kinds of peers, and will no longer be able to find satisfaction in the old group.

A drug addict that gets reprogrammed will no longer seek pleasures by going to the same old places, with the same old friends. Eventually, that will stop representing satisfaction to his/her mind. Something that lacks satisfaction is not attractive to the human brain. One may endure it for a period of time, after which the person gets bored, and moves on.

There is one more thing I’d like to mention and explain. When someone leaves you and decides to not “deal” with you any longer, it’s nothing personal. It’s impersonal, just as when someone comes into our lives. Remember, dial the number of a person you want to surround yourself with, just as you’re dialing the number of a person you want to talk over the phone with. You may think something like “oh, John is annoying, I won’t go out with him anymore because of this and that”, but that’s actually not true. What really happened is the difference that took place in the modus operandi in between your minds. John’s mind is TEMPORARILY working on a different frequency. We could say he is guided by a different program. Your mind may be using “Windows 11”, while John’s mind could be using “Linux”.

Remember, the flesh is always (at least) one step back! The mind leads, the body follows.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

This article is courtesy of @gemstone. Visit @gemstone on hive for more.

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