Dangerous Habits That Are Harming Your Brain

“The Devil is in details”, details that most often remain unknown to the majority of the global population. Some details are overly profitable to be exposed, and some are too shocking for the public to know, however, even though telecommunications are a trillion-dollar industry, some scientific researches have been made thanks to which we are now aware of the “hidden” dangers of the exposure to electromagnetic waves and different frequencies.

It has been known for a while that human brains are receivers and transmitters of electro-impulses (signals) and that naturally, our brains work in 5 different phases. That is leading us to the first harmful habit most of the people we encounter are enslaved by electro-addictions.

Some people can’t live a day without computers, and some are not even showering without phones. Well, most of the information their brains are receiving by scrolling the newsfeeds are negative. Now, that itself is a problem dangerous enough, because users are being bombarded by negative, and destructive subliminal messages all the time, yet, if “you” are doing that same thing the first hour after waking up, and the last hour before falling asleep, you are on a highway to hell. That is the time our minds are operating at theta phase, in which minds are easily being programmed!

Therefore, electro-addictions are harming human brains:

  • By electro-impulses and frequencies;
  • By installation and activation of negative mind-programs.

The second harmful habit is the consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially white sugar that is 8 times more powerful narcotic than heroin (but with a different effect). As programmers would say, “Garbage in, garbage out”, you can’t run gasoline/benzine engines on diesel! Human minds are not supposed to be powered by sh**food, rather, vegetables, fruits, and meat. Refined carbohydrates are being dissolved into sugar once digested. White sugar is vitamin/enzyme/mineral free “food”. The only reason you like it is the addiction, so, you are not dealing with hunger but an addiction!

The third habit is simple and short: paying attention to the news, social media, and opinions of other people. As I stated in the first part of this article, the vast majority of informations are negative. The only way to protect yourself is to IGNORE THEM! DO NOT debate, nor argue! IGNORE!

The fourth habit is listening to 440 Hz tuned music that contains “explicit” language (lyrics that are supposed to program your mind), and unnatural frequencies (tuning 440 Hz, instead of 432 Hz). Start paying attention to lyrics (music makes you happy, sad, angry, depressed as a result of information that are reaching your mind in the form of lyrics), and change the tuning of the music you listen to! You can use many programs/applications to change the pitch of your favorite songs, but 432player and Audacity are free and simple!

The fifth habit is not controlling sexual urges. You can cause whole lotta issues by not controlling “yourself”! I will mention an improper production of hormones, tiredness, laziness, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, and being prone to violence.

The sixth habit is being a slave to dopamine! You are not your brain! The human brain has only two goals: reproduction, and pleasure! The brain doesn’t want you to do anything worthwhile, important, challenging (A.K.A. hard). It only wants to “enjoy” by ruining you (and itself in the end) by forcing you to be nothing, do nothing, and meanwhile, eat unhealthy food! Stop doing things you know are wrong if you want to maintain good mental health! YOU NEED TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF DAILY, IN ORDER TO GROW! The best illustration/example I can give you is a professional boxer that starts eating unhealthy, watching movies all day long, drinking sugar-rich sodas…

How much time would be required for him to get out of shape? Take control over your most precious resource, and start investing in yourself! The only one holding you back from achieving your dreams is you!

This article is courtesy of Gemstone. Visit @gemstone on hive for more.

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