The Importance And Power Of The Attitude

Attitudes shape our lives and determine whether we are going to win at life, or lose. Being aware of this is an excellent tool because it gives us the power to alter our future, by altering our attitudes towards life in general.

We should never underestimate the power of attitude and accept other people’s perspectives of ourselves, and “what should we do”, especially if that vision describes us as be-nothing, do-nothing individuals! Attitudes are trainable, so, do not get discouraged if you find yourself “feeling down”. Remember, it is alright, all winners have gone through such periods. The important thing is to learn something out of struggles, and use them for the greater goods.

Some people consider attitude to be the key to success because a positive (winner) mental attitude eliminates all obstacles which stand between a grinder, and one’s major purpose in life. Attitudes are unavoidable. They either make us poor or rich!

There are some tricks you can use to keep your mind positive under all circumstances:

01) Chase ONLY what you love and desire to achieve/experience. People who spend their lives working for salaries often feel as they wasted their lives at the end of their lifetime. JOYFUL can be created ONLY by doing what makes one’s heart cheerful!

DO NOT take other people’s opinions (including criticism) personally. Remember, always, that we cannot change other people, and we cannot control all circumstances.

Make personal investment (in body, mind, spirit) every day! Do not allow yourself to deteriorate! If necessary, change the way you look at things. If you are dealing with something that makes you feel miserable (sad, discouraged, demotivated), start working on the solution!

Dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to the study in connection with your dreams and desires! For example, if you have a passion for flying, read something educational about flying every day!

Train the attention/focus! Fixate your sight to desires and goals you want to experience and achieve. The only way to fail in life is to permit your focus to get broken! If you have a passion for engineering, thinking about cats won’t help you!

Become grateful for all hardships by becoming aware of their importance. You must realize that “defeats” are equally important as “victories”. Remember that your strength expands with the experience of solved struggles. There is no such thing as an unprofitable experience!

Develop a habit of “turning off the thinking” whenever someone or something begins to irritate you. Remember, you have absolute control over your mind and your reactions.

DO NOT enter argumentation over unimportant subjects, especially with people who are nervous and prone to verbal delicts.

Start each day with a “ritual” to program your mind for success and prosperity. DO NOT under all circumstances start your day by taking your phone and opening social media or reading the news. Our minds work in the “theta state” up to 60 minutes after we wake up. In that state, the mind is being easily programmed. Instead, read some positive “I AM” affirmations, and after 30 days the results will amaze you.

Distance yourself from other people’s states of mind. Do not let them disturb nor distract you from losing your focus, peace, and positivity.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

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