10 Attributes You Should Develop To Become a Leader

Nobody was born a leader, but some were destined to lead. At first, all leaders have been intelligent followers who were willing to learn, thus, take over the control once their leaders retire.

Artificial leaders are unsuccessful because they are trying to force others to obey, while true leaders are chosen by the people for their qualities and attributes.

Here are 10 attributes I recognized every successful leader possesses:

01) True leaders are willing to cooperate: an artificial leader loves to keep his feet on the table, and smoke expensive cigars, while his followers are carrying out foolish orders, unlike true leader that can be seen as a protector of the wolf pack, who goes first and LEADS the way. He does not expect others to do something he himself is scared or unwilling to do. A true leader understands that a functional team is working like a mechanic wristwatch in which every part is cooperating and is equally important.

02) True leaders take responsibility for the mistakes of their followers: “I was just following orders” can be heard every time defeated army members are brought to the court. An unsuccessful leader is ignorant of his responsibility, while a true leader is willingly taking responsibility for the mistakes of his followers.

03) True leaders are detailed: a true leader had to go through hell to reach the top. He knows how seemingly unimportant and small factors can contribute to the cause, therefore, he is very detailed and specific.

04) True leaders have sympathy and understanding for their followers: a true leader understands how hard it is to be “perfect”, and act perfectly all the time because he knows to be a part of the 1%, one must do what only 1% is willing to do, otherwise, there would be numerous leaders. He does not expect others to be as strong and understands that a functional team would not be functional without followers, therefore, he sympathizes with the weaker members of the group, while trying to encourage them to give their best, and become better every single day.

05) Personality of true leaders is pleasing and admirable: a true leader has built respect for himself because his character is made of attributes that call for respect. Some of those attributes are courage, persistence, being just (fair), decisive, and self-controlled. He is willing to fight against fierce enemies for the sake of his group. Many such leaders are heroes (rightfully so) in eyes of the young people, because of their golden/righteous personalities.

06) True leaders always do more than they are “paid” for: a true leader never does “just as much”, he does what is necessary and “right”, regardless of the price he must pay or “reward” that might be not enough in the eyes of other people. He knows the greatest reward is the success of his team, and if someone must pay the price and not get an instant reward for it, he feels the need to be the one.

07) True leaders are decisive and patient: once a true leader decides to do something, he makes plans and sticks to them until they are carried out. There is no “if” in a true leader’s vocabulary because he knows that he is the master of his fate. He is prone to work his gut out if necessary, rather than quit. They are patient and are not accepting temporary defeats as permanent failures. They understand that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.

08) True leaders are synonyms for justice and meekness: many people think that leaders are arrogant, harsh, and cold-hearted, but that is not true. They are actually justice-lovers who understand the power of meekness and are trying to clean the team of the idea of corruption and selfishness. They are pointing out the importance of sharing by giving of themselves (time, effort, riches), to others in order to guide them, and plant seeds of righteousness into the minds of youth.

09) Self-Control: minds of true leaders are faster than their tongues, yet, they mastered the control over their minds, so they think only the right thoughts which is why their tongues are almost never cussing, nor are they known for a “burst of emotions”. They have been tamed by experiences, and are acting accordingly. No man who can’t control himself can control/lead others (the team).

10) True leaders are courageous: no intelligent follower with a sense of self-respect will ever follow a coward. A true leader is courageous because he knows what his persistence, and decisiveness are capable of achieving. Especially courageous are religious leaders who live the belief that the Lord Almighty lives in them, and that they have the God-given right to “win”.

In conclusion if you dream of being a leader of some kind but you failed many times, do not despair. Remember that the time/process must be a part of your journey, of your development. Seeds of leadership must grow and develop, just as small acorns need time to grow into beautiful oak trees. Nothing great is easily achievable, nothing good comes cheap and overnight. Be patient. DO NOT be ignorant and too proud to follow if you are young and inexperienced. All leaders have started their journey as followers, but they were willing to learn! Keep the faith, and never give up!

This article is courtesy of Gemstone. Visit @gemstone on hive for more.

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