Mental Diets – Elevators Of Life

Human beings live on three planes simultaneously. Those are physical, mental, and spiritual. One cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind, and a healthy mind without spiritual awareness, therefore, the healthy body follows a healthy mind which follows the woke soul.

Studies and side effects of fasting can be found more or less in every corner of the internet, while at the same time nobody is addressing the importance of mental “fasting”, which is even more important than physical fasting. Feeding the body is important, but feeding the mind is way more important because minds are centers of our dimension of existence. An unhealthy mind will feed the body with unhealthy food, and lead the body into unhealthy, and destructive decisions/actions.

In order to stop that, and start using the mind the right way, one must first become aware. That is where my duty jumps in! I am going to start your awakening process through my articles, which are written from the heart, and experience.

If you are at least partially aware, this article will revolutionize your perception, and push you into a completely new sphere of BE-ing.


“The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled. Any idea that is held in the mind that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.” Sir Andrew Carnegie

Sir Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world. He started as a penniless Scottish emigrant to the USA. That should encourage you, and prove that anyone who has the right mindset, and determination, can, at last, succeed in making dreams a reality.

We cannot outperform our minds and our ideas, which is why it is our most important job to feed our minds continuously, with the right ideas, ONLY. People are always receiving perfect results, whether that is the perfect mess or a perfect life. Out of our minds spring the ideas of life.

Our world is being run by envy, and greedy people, who are using the media against us, by the constant bombardment of our minds with negative thoughts, and ideas. If you find a single soul that is not being controlled by fearmongering, you are a rich person! 2020 may serve as the greatest proof of that! “They” managed to handicap and tame several billion people by the constant usage of lies through the media. That is the power of ideas!

I will metaphorically explain how people think their ways into fortune or poverty. The same is applicable for sickness and health. This is a story of a man who was successfully selling hot dogs in times of the early 20th century, in New York City.

His business was booming because people adored his hot dogs. He had the faith in his doings, and belief that there is a necessity for such a profession to be offered to the public! He was so busy being successful and counting money, that he lacked the time to read the newspaper (which was his advantage). Consequently, information about the so-called “doom and gloom” did not reach him, until one day, his son told him “Father, an economic recession is coming.”.

The man BELIEVED in his son’s words, so he decided to stop advertising his business. Step by step, he started ordering less, selling less, and trying less, which resulted in a shut-down of his business. Once he became broke, he thought to himself: “How smart my son is, predicting this….”.

His misery came from his own mind, not the physical plane of existence. He was the main cause of bankruptcy!

“According to your faith (belief), so be it unto you!”

Matthew 9:29

In other words, all of our experiences, good and bad, come from within ourselves, from within our minds! Start paying attention to what you think, and what you speak of. It will greatly affect your feelings, and the results you are achieving.

Never feed your mind with anything you do not want to experience, and stop letting other people feed your mind with negative thoughts, fears, and doubts. You have the right to protect your BE-ing, your garden of Eden (your mind)!

“You will know them by their fruits.”

Matthew 7:15

To bear fruit means to give birth. All of our experiences, results, and creations are children of our thoughts. Results never lie!

I tried to explain the importance of right thinking to my mother. She is praying to a whole division of Saints, hoping to get healed. Yet, she can’t live a day without arguing with herself, within her mind. She is focusing on negative thoughts so passionately, that she often thinks herself into experiences that never took a place in reality. That is a recipe for disaster. In my opinion, feeding the mind with negative thoughts, and expecting positive, even miraculous results, is a side-effect of insanity.

The world (and the news) has a freight train full of negative ideas ready to be given to us, which we must kindly reject. Some might consider it disrespectful, but I kindly asked my mother and father not to communicate with me anymore. You should do the same with the people who are known to be building careers out of thinking miserable.

Junk Food, Junk Thoughts

Even though eating healthy is very important for the right performance of the mind, this article will not contain physical-diet-suggestions. Instead, I will use a junk-food metaphor in order to explain the importance of choosing the right food for the mind!

Bad thoughts in the mental plane are of the same value as junk food is in the physical plane. It is a well-known fact that junk food is unhealthy. It lacks nutritional value and can bring only misery in the form of diseases. Bad thoughts are equally deleterious. They have no creative, and prosperous capacity for your mind, and therefore, for your life in general. People who believe humans are “meaty bodies”, instead of spiritual beings often say: “You are what you eat!”. I say, we become what we think. Just as one would read the label of the food before consuming it, we must start reading the labels of our thoughts before accepting them.

If the food label says “50% fat, 50% carbohydrate”, one would run the hell out of it! So, why do “you” keep accepting ideas whose labels say “guaranteed bankruptcy, disease and jail!”? Do not “eat” those ideas!

Beware, ’cause there are mental foods everywhere we go. Cities are filled with ideas, thoughts words, pictures, and ads. Turn off the radio, do not listen to the news, and kick TV channels out of your homes. That is the only way of getting rid of mental junk food.

Once you reprogram your mind, it will automatically begin to reject negative thoughts and ideas, by itself.

To summarize, choosing the right thoughts is of great importance because our minds will eat one way or another, so the best thing we can do is to feed our minds consciously, instead of letting the world feed our minds without our consent. I warmheartedly recommend reading my article regarding the magnificence of the subconscious mind and implementing the ideas that can be found in it. Reading prosperous affirmations on a daily basis is the only way to reprogram the mind! Do not get discouraged if you do not succeed the first few times you try, or you don’t see the progress within the first couple of weeks. The change will take place the moment you become aware of this “problematique”, and decide to deal with it.

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