Treating Ideas As Psychic Entities

Sir Derek Prince, whose preaching messages I loved to listen to, said he was battling depression and anxiety for decades. He tried everything in order to become joyful, and bring back the level of energy required of daily duties, however, not a single “weapon” (including prolonged fasting which according to the Bible is an atomic weapon of the spiritual realm) was successful until he became aware of the true identity of his thoughts, and feelings.

I’d like to offer a metaphysical explanation and viewpoints regarding thoughts, in general. Many people are letting their minds and thoughts in particular to torment them day in, and day out. As a young child, I’ve often been intrigued by paintings that represent the Devil and his “soldiers”. I noticed that on many paintings the people were UNAWARE of the players behind the scene. Have you seen pictures and paintings of the Devil whispering ideas into someone’s ears? That’s an allegory for destructive thoughts.

A few days ago, I came to an understanding while meditating. I realized that everything in life exists on a certain level. To simplify my viewpoint, I’ll put it this way: love and hate cannot co-exist.

Now, the modern self-improvement gurus often talk about the frequency of the mind. Tesla equalized frequency, energy, and vibration, which means they’re the same. Well, if love exists on “level 5” and your mind is operating at a neutral level (0) or negative level (-3, for example), logically, you won’t experience love.

If you’re trying to gain financial independence or abundance, yet you’re living (mentally operating) on a wrong level, you won’t experience wanted results, you’ll experience results that are in accordance with the standard of mental operation.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want!” 

Psalm 23

That’s the game of words! Want means “lack of”. Whenever you want something, it means you currently don’t have it! Therefore, the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not lack, anything that your heart desires. How to achieve a state of not lacking anything noble and beautiful? I’ll offer my answers to that question in this article, but before that, I’d like to share something with you: yet, I am not on that level. I know my destination, I know where I want to go, and why, but my spirit is still lacking discipline, strength, and sometimes, guidance, therefore, some of you may consider me a hypocrite. Life is sometimes simply profound and profoundly simple.

What happens if we begin to treat ideas and thoughts as psychic entities? Needless to say, the way we treat ideas determines the outcome of our days, thus, our lives. It’s even more important how we value ideas! Rest assured, everyone has thrown away a few priceless, potentially life-changing ideas without even realizing it. Therefore, the relationships between us and ideas may determine the ways and nature of new ideas that will come to us.

If Divine ideas keep presenting themselves and we do not value them by treating them properly, the flow might be stopped! The appreciation of the idea’s value is a true mark of the master. One of the ways to appreciate Divine ideas is to act! Most people just “How” their ideas to death! “I’d really like to, but how?”.

Let me reveal a little secret to you: health, happiness, love, prosperity, abundance, peace, are psychic entities (just as their opposites). Whose friend, companion, and ally are you?

Therefore, ideas are mental personalities in consciousness. Every idea (including experience and condition) lives or dies in and of the mind. Every idea is a living thing that feeds upon the mental energy!

A mind is a place of residence, an eating and feeding place for ideas! Ask yourself the following question a few times daily until you re-wire your mind and get it used to operate more positively: “What kind of ideas are feeding upon my mental energy?”

This may be tricky, especially if you’re surrounded by the people that live unconsciously, and are willingly or ignorantly letting destructive ideas feed upon their mental energy. Some people are so desperate that if you don’t get sad when they’re sad, you’ll not be considered their friend anymore! Offer the wisdom and truth calmly but firmly, and if they reject it, keep going down the road, and don’t ever look back!

The mastery of life consists of us determining and controlling the KIND of ideas that feed upon our mental energy. When you become aware that your mind is a place of residence, just as an eating place for ideas, and you learn to nourish divine ideas and starve out negative ideas, then you become a master.

When a negative idea, mood, attitude, or emotion represents itself on the table of your mind, you may simply say: “You won’t eat here!”.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Poverty! You won’t eat here!”
  • “Sickness! You won’t eat here!”
  • “Loneliness! You won’t eat here!”
  • “Troubles! You won’t eat here!”
  • “Hunger! You won’t eat here!”

This is the reason why many people feel physically weakened and depleted when there is no physical reason! They’ve been giving energy of their minds to negative ideas!

Take this seriously, because whatever feeds upon the energy of your mind will grow! Just make an observation of our present global situation for a moment, and determine am I right or wrong! We are living someone’s ideas of war, hunger, and disease! Those ideas were nurtured by the minds of many generations, carefully planned, and then executed.

Nothing can work against us unless we give that thing either consciously or unconsciously our God-power to work against us with. The mind is going to think, either way, and is going to be controlled, either by us, or the world.

This may make you think that Biblical Egypt is still alive and “kicking”, well, you’d be right to think so! It is alive! We are our own pharaohs and Mosses(es). A slave is someone who has somebody else for a master, someone who has somebody else operating his mind (like the world, for example). If we want to get set free and experience “Heaven” (state of being), we must know and live according to laws! Everything in this world operates by the law, and the correlation between our minds and experiences (results) is not an exception.

Where your attention goes, the power flows!

Do you think or do you think you think? Do you think or are you letting other people’s opinions and influence function as your thinking? Is the world telling you what to think, or thy heart of yours? Is it your mother thinking? Is it your father thinking?

If you thought your way into hell, you have to think your way out of it… The solution? Well, stop feeding it (whatever was giving you trouble)! Re-direct your attention! As mentioned, the mastery of life consists of deliberately and consciously choosing ideas which you will feed upon with the energy of your mind. That’s what Jesus meant when he said:

“My house (mind) shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

Matthew 21:13

Your mind is meant to be the house of prayer (praise), but the knowledge thereof was lost somewhere in time, and we’ve let our minds turn into a den of thieves that rob us of our peace, joy, love, even health, and prosperity.

Wrong ideas steal the energy of the mind by feeding upon it. So, carefully examine your mind and kick out all the thieves!

Here comes the requirement that most people DO NOT fulfill: you must NOT be skeptical towards divine/good (God’s) ideas! Every idea is divinely automatic, which means that every idea has within itself the plan and the power of expression. We are not really using ideas, they’re using us! Believe in a divine idea and it will find expression through you!

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Mark 11:24

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Matthew 21:22

STOP treating good (God’s) ideas with immediate skepticism!

Everything that passes through your mind takes some psychic energy from you and/or gives some psychic energy to you, depending on what it is!

“Be discriminating about what images and ideas you permit into your mind. ”


Your body (including your mental body, therefore, the mind) is supposed to be the Temple of God, where good (God’s) ideas congregate!

“Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.”

Psalm 1:5

Whenever you think of weakness, you’re thinking of imperfection. God has never created an ounce of imperfection, therefore, weakness is a lie. Who is the father of lies? According to Jesus and John 8:44, it’s the Devil. Therefore, weakness is an example of the “ungodly”. “Sinners” on the mental plane of existence are all thoughts (psychic entities) that deplete our energy (which is God’s energy) and result in the unrighteousness of any kind, form, and fashion.

The mental congregation of the righteous is the gathering of good ideas and beliefs! When you allow Divine ideas and beliefs to congregate in your mind, unrighteous ideas won’t be able to withstand the power of Divinity! Keep your mind so full of God that the Devil runs away!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7

The devil is not a creature with horns, it’s a belief in ungodliness. Every lie is the devil. Fill your mind with God so that there is no room for “anyone” else (devil).

Negative ideas have no power in the mind that is full of positive ideas.

“What lives in you will live with you!”

Reverend Ike

Remember: everything in our lives is rooted in our minds!

This article is courtesy of @gemstone. Visit @gemstone on hive for more.

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