Management Functions and Skills in Businesses

Management Functions and Skills in Businesses, responsibilities and development.

The nature of management is to monitor  and coordinate people to achieve organizational goals by team work. Everyday managers solves different kind of problems related with the entire business inside and outside its boundaries. To keep company successful it has to have a good manager in it who is responsible for the work he/she is doing and are able to keep employees motivated, productive and focused on their tasks. Besides that to achieve efficient progress in organization, manager should to recognize importance of people and act tactical by setting them into a right departments.

Management has a four functions whit which does influence in what way goals will be achieved in organization. The process of management consist of Planning,Organizing,Leading and Controlling.

Planning function defines what the organization wants to seek and how to get to the desired point in the future by using certain amount of resources.

Organizing function are the similar to the first one given. It includes giving task’s, grouping and assigning work for employees.

Leading is the way of motivate and encourage people by influencing them to deal with organizational task’s. Leading means to create shared culture and values in work area. The ability to inspire, shape culture, communicate is the key of business success.

Controlling is the last fourth and important function in management process. This function covers monitoring employees and determinate whether goals of organization are near to improve. And making corrections if its necessary.

Management skills

Managers job very often has to face challenges whit has to deal with. Because its complex and multi-dimensional job and requires skills to solve appeared difficulties or make key decisions in organization.

Conceptual skills

Is the ability to see the organization as a whole system in the parts. It includes planning, knowledge about each different sector and envision how departments and whole system fits into community or industry.

Human skills

Its the manager who has skills to work as a group member, show the effort and desire he’s employees. As a leader he working trough the people and creates comfortable atmosphere to express their minds and suggestions without fear or encourage. Those kind of managers are focusing on motivating, coordinating, communicating and resolving conflict.

Technical skills 

Its understanding of the preparation and performance needed for specific task. Technical skills involves specialized knowledge, analytical ability and the competent use of tools. This skill includes mastery of methods and techniques in engineering , finances. As the managers move up to the hierarchy, technical skills loses importance.

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