Intermitted Fasting and Autophagy

It has been a long time since I wrote and article due to being unable to dedicate some time to doing so… But here we go! After a massive update we will be rocking on.


So this “new” scientific discovery which is literally mentioned in the bible for approximately 77 times and was being done by some cultures around the world took my attention.

Apparently, when one stops eating food some fundamental changes in the body take place. Basically body cells start to digest all sort of toxins, viruses and other material that is not needed, but is inside the body. They convert them to energy or building blocks, so one can survive without eating. Can this get any better? This is literally making yourself healthier eating nothing, zero, nada…

There are many variations of fasting and different periods of times that it can be done. From 6 hours fast to 30 days fast. From dry fast to water fast. Personally I do not have a lot of experience fasting, but I have done 3 days or 72 hours water fast recently.

First day was clearly a torture, I could not think about anything else but food. I was unable to concentrate on my work and even found myself opening fridge few times as I was walking past it! One of the things that helped me to survive my first day was napping. I was feeling tired and continuously wanted to sleep and naps helped to spend time without feeling the torture… Then I went for a walk in the park as walking outdoors seemed to work well as distraction from feeling hungry. In the evening I felt completely without energy (I think this is a point when I depleted my energy sources from liver and muscles. I could physically feel how contracting my muscles feel different as I think I lost some water from them. Contractions were much more difficult and slightly painful. I felt slight dizziness sometimes and in general weird feelings. So overall day one was torture…

Day two was slightly better. I was still hungry, but it didn’t bother me like the first day. I was more productive and actually made some work. It was weird as I did not need to go to eat. Literally this saves a lot of time.

Day three – during the day hunger comes and goes, but when it comes it is not really bothering me anymore and I don’t really want food. My physical strength actually came back just that some times I felt dizzy.

Overall during my fasting time I was drinking water, I think it helped me, even though I know some people do dry fasts. Those 3 days were really weird, but will I do it again? You can be sure, I am already planning my next 3 day fasting this week.

Breaking the fast

When you are breaking the fast you have to be very careful not to hurt body or digestive system. It is best to start slowly with easy to digest foods preferably food in liquid forms. I broke my fast with a bowl of simple chicken soup. The taste was something special. being able to taste is something special. For me this was profound discovery.

So this is my experience doing fasting, but lets get more scientific.

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy or autophagocytosis in fancy science language translates from the Ancient Greek word autóphagos which means self-digestion or -devouring. So basically you are eating yourself or your body is eating thyself.

Autophagy puts you into a catabolic state, which breaks down your own tissue, as opposed to an anabolic one, which is about building up.

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