Discipline Applications in Life

Discipline? What is that?

Discipline can fall in different contexts as to disciplinary actions and procedures for people that misbehave, or it can fall into context of standards set by organisation such as uniforms or behaviour.  It often is displayed in environment of hierarchy when orders and instructions are given by authority.  Individuals may be asked to act in certain way and this can be seen as discipline and or they can face consequences for acting inappropriately which would also be called a disciplinary action.

Discipline is in place to encourage, train people or staff members to respect the standards of organization and authorities that work there.  It can also be used to help people who work for organization to develop positive habits such as: punctuality and attendance.  This can be done by reward or punishment method e.g. 20 push ups for people that are late would have certain effect upon people who don’t like doing push ups.

Discipline in educational institutions or workplace

In education or workplace there are certain rules and regulations also referred as Code of Conduct which is one of the ways that  organisation maintains order within.  To aid this conduct, there are systems in place that bring consequences for those students who violate code of conduct.  This disciplinary action prevents students from misbehaving by giving verbal, written warnings or eliminating staff, students or customers from the course completely.

Workplace discipline in depth

Workplaces as well as educational environment also have their own disciplines that helps to maintain order and effective workforce.  Disciplines in workplace can be such as uniforms, behavior or policies and codes of conduct.  If these disciplines get violated, certain consequences follow the individual who violated them.  This prevents violations from reoccurring and spreading between staff as people might start to question or even challenge discipline in organization, if they see that there are no consequences for their actions.

Discipline effectiveness for groups of people

Discipline is used in peer groups to encourage and maintain control and order over a group of people, which can be a hard task without discipline.  It helps peers to understand their actions and consequences that may follow, and achieve better performance if they are trying to achieve a task or a goal, because it has effect on all of them in the group, not individually.

How discipline is used in home?

Discipline in household can be quite different from workplace or other public institutions as it is less formal and there are no policies in place to set these standards.  It is more of agreement between family members to distribute certain roles and responsibilities.  If one of family members fail to perform their role, all family members might have to face consequences together.

Discipline in personal lives – how can it change you?

Discipline can be applied to variety of elements in life and it can be very helpful and useful when individual is trying or is being taught new positive habits, or trying to get rid of negative ones, as it is usually a set of rules that are set by workplace or individual sets them by himself/herself till he/she develops positive habits or gets rid of negative ones.  An example could be a push-ups for students in a college who are late – this could motivate students to be punctual and develop it as a habit to avoid doing push-ups.  These habits can transform into qualities and even skills, so people can become better and this could result in career opportunities and for the workplace – effective workforce.

Discipline and order – how to maintain it and why it is important

Maintenance of order is to prevent people or staff in the forces to behave in a way they want to – which can be harmful to other people or their organization.  Some of the standards and traditions are set long time ago, forces are used to it and will use disciplinary actions if any of the staff members will act to violate them.  There certain ways and systems of maintaining the order and discipline such as punishment or reward method that motivates individuals to behave in a beneficial way to organization and increase reputation instead of decreasing it.

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