Bay Leaves: Discover Its Hidden Medicinal Benefits

If you are trying to look for useful items that can improve your health and are available in your kitchen, bay leaves are a remarkable example. Now, these leaves will not be an ordinary kitchen ingredient for your favorite dishes, but also an impressive source of health benefits.

Bay Leaves Explained

Bay leaves came from a small tree common in the Mediterranean region, the Laurel tree to be exact. These leaves are packed with nutrients while producing a unique aroma.

Back in the Roman times, bay leaves are a significant part of culinary and medicinal. The extracts coming from these leaves offer different medicinal uses, from aromatherapy to skin conditions treatment.

Today, there no doubt that bay leaves offer comprehensive medicinal benefits. So, what are these?


Bay leaves are popularly used in aromatherapy. This is because of the presence of linalool which can help you lower the level of your stress hormones. Remember, excess in stress hormones can offer risk on your overall health. By using these leaves as part of the aromatherapy, you will be able to obtain relaxation as well as you will remain calm, especially when you are experiencing high anxiety.


Bay leaves contain parthenolide, a unique phytonutrient that can help you reduce the inflammation throughout your body quickly. When you topically applied these leaves to the affected areas, they can also reduce the case of irritation. Also, they offer anti-inflammatory benefits to the areas affected by arthritis or sore joints. To achieve this kind of medicinal interest, you need an average consumption of the leaves.


When you have some troubles on your digestion, you can use bay leaves to acquire a significant relief. This is because these leaves have a substantial effect when it comes to a gastrointestinal system where your body’ toxicity is reduced.

Bay leaves contain organic compounds that are known to be effective in relieving upset stomachs. Also, they are ideal in soothing the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).


One of the most popular medicinal benefits of bay leaves is its ability to treat different respiratory conditions. This is made possible by the antibacterial properties of the leaves.

Bay leaves can be produced as essential oils. And when mixed with the salve, you can apply it to your chest and alleviate your respiratory condition. Because of the natural antibacterial properties, you will be able to eliminate the dangerous bacteria that are trapped in the respiratory tracts while loosening up your phlegm.


Bay leaves contain a unique combination of organic compounds and antioxidants such as linalool, parthenolide, catechins, and phytonutrients. And these compounds and antioxidants can you in protecting your body against the free radicals that can cause cancer.

With the above medicinal benefits, the next time you will see bay leaves in your kitchen counter, you will think of improved health. These leaves are not just an essential ingredient on your favorite stew or soup. They have something more to offer.

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