Review of ‘This war of mine’

This war of mine is a survival based game on real life events. It is set during a war, with an end goal of you survival the longest with the most resources, ammunition and weapons. Every…

Project cars go kart

Review of ‘Project cars’

Project cars is focused on the concept of different vehicle driving, the name suggests that it is only about driving cars, well that’s wrong as I started my career off by driving a go kart….

Comparison of Radio Systems

In this article I will write a comparison of radio communication systems that are used or been used by military. Descriptions of radio communication systems Ptarmigan is a digital and modular battlefield wide area network…

communication and technology

Communication and Technology

Communication and Technology is very important in our modern lives Things like letters, email, telephones, and other types of communication helped humans and brought them where they are today. Letters Letters Are type of formal communication…