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Oyster mushrooms also known as Pleurotus ostreatus are nutritious food source. Oysters usually grow on trees or near them. You can find Oysters in a forests or like any other mushroom you can grow it yourself with a little bit of knowledge.

Energy value

First of all there are many reasons to include Oysters in your diet. 100 grams of this fungi has low caloric value of 59 calories but high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. This makes it perfect food to digest less, but receive more benefits. Fast rhythm of life can cause usage of processed foods that lack necessary nutrients and vitamins. And Oysters can be cooked in various ways and eaten alone. It takes few minutes to cook some Oysters, but I leave this topic for another time. 100 grams of this fungi has 5.5g of carbohydrate, 1.6g of fat, 5.2g of protein. Energy wise it does not seem to be very rich, but if we look at the minerals we can see that not implementing Oysters in a diet is a loss.

Vitamin B12

Many people are asking how to supplement your body with B12 vitamin. One that it is difficult to find in food products. If you are looking for that kind of foods, congratulations, because you have just found it. 100g of Oysters has over 675% recommended daily intake of vitamin B12. Of which many people are deficient and this vitamin is one of several responsible for healthy nervous system.

Other vitamins and minerals

Oysters also have vitamin B6, C and A. Zinc is a winner from mineral section with a 253% of recommended daily intake per 100g of Oysters. Also selenium, copper, iron, magnesium and others. It is clear that consumption of Oysters does not give a lot of calories, but it is a jackpot for vitamin and mineral value.

A friend of mine

I have a friend that does not appreciate healthy lifestyle, because presumably he is lazy to prepare it and says that healthy food does not taste good enough. Even though he has issues with his heart and has recommendations from health specialist to improve diet, one day or another he will experience stroke if he does not change his way of life. I say to him that “healthy food does not taste good” is no excuse and I will help you to discover foods that taste good and are prepared quickly. My beliefs are that it is important to put priority to prevention of the problem rather than to deal with consequence after it is too late.

Oyster mushroom

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