Extraordinary Benefits Of Nettles

Back in my childhood days, I enjoyed riding my bicycle, especially around my grandma’s vacation house, which was surrounded by fields of corn, nettles, and wheat. Seldom that ended up without tears, because at the end of each day, either I ended up bruised, or my bike needed a repair. Once, my cousin asked if I would like to race with him, so, I agreed. Fueled by competitiveness, and adrenaline, young me flew into nettles as if they were strawberries. I will remember that race for the rest of my life because my skin was literally burning. I began to passionately hate nettles, and swore to myself that one day I am going to exterminate those evil plants!

Fortunately, God works in mysterious ways. 20 years later, I’ve been doing some researches about the ways to naturally produce acetylcholine, which human bodies naturally produce during puberty.

My discovery led me to the everlasting peace-agreement with nettles, because they are the only external (natural) source of acetylcholine known to mankind. In fact, nettles don’t burn, acetylcholine does!

Later on, my friend’s grandma suffered a stroke, and the doctor told her “If people knew how healthy and beneficial nettles are, they would be planting only them!”. I began to ask myself a question: “Could it be that the so-called curse is our greatest blessing?”. When my mother began having cardiovascular issues, I decided to begin harvesting nettles for tea and food.

It was a great choice because they are full of dietary fibers and very rich in protein. Yet, they are incredibly rich in vitamin A, which improves our eye-sight, and is needed for the right usage of proteins (development of muscle tissue). Aside from vitamin-A, nettles offer vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, POTASSIUM (this one is the hardest to find and the most precious mineral for the proper function of the human organism), phosphorus, sodium, and ALL of the essential amino acids! Since many of these nutrients act as antioxidants in our bodies, the consumption of nettles might be linked to anti-aging “effects”!

Nettles are also loved by animals, especially bees. My neighbor is producing honey-bee and claims that the honey is greater in quality if bees were fed with nettles (and hemp).

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