Health Benefits of Using Bee Propolis

For sure, you have already heard or familiar about honey. Also, you might be a fan of royal jelly or bee pollen. But, do you have any idea about the other product derived from a bee?

There is increased popularity of bee propolis in the market? This is because of the incredible and surprising health properties it offers. But, what is bee propolis precisely about?

Bee Propolis Explained

Bee propolis is known to be a natural mixture that is produced by honeybees coming from several things, including the collected substances from plants and trees. It is considered a therapeutic material that can guard the beehives against the intruders.

How is bee propolis produced? It is a type of adhesive mixture where honeybees have produced using combining beeswax and their saliva with the collected exuded substances from the sap flows, tree buds and any other botanical sources. The colour of the bee propolis varies depending on what the bees gather from nature. But, a dark brown shade is a typical colour.

During the ancient times, bee propolis has been already used by humans in medicine. This is because it offers antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-tumour properties.

Now, below is the list of the fantastic benefits of bee propolis.


One of the exciting health benefits that you can get from bee propolis is that it can treat the seasonal allergies symptoms. Histamine is a known compound that can make you sneeze as well as give you a runny nose or watery eyes. Bee propolis can be an effective relief of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis using histamine release inhibition.


Several studies suggest that bee propolis can treat cancer because it can possess anticancer and anti-tumoral properties. Two propolis polyphenols appear to be the most potent anti-cancer agents. Scientists believe that that ability of the bee propolis in preventing cancer from development is the results of its strength in inhibiting the DNA synthesis in the tumour cells and the capability of inducing the programmed death of the tumour cells.


One of the common parasitic infection that occurs in the small intestines and is commonly caused by a microscopic parasite is the giardiasis. Researchers discovered that the bee propolis resulted in a 52% cure rate in children while 60% elimination rate in adults after a clinical trial was conducted.


Bee propolis can naturally prevent and treat the duration of the common colds as well as the sore throats. Some studies show that cold symptoms, including a sore throat, can be quicker subsided when using bee propolis. So, if you want to treat or prevent common colds in a natural manner, bee propolis is a good help. Thus, you are sure that you can be free from side effects.

For centuries, honeybees and humans have been served by bee propolis. While the honeybees use it in keeping their hives hole and free from invaders, humans can use it in both external and internal medical purpose. 

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