Xiaomi Mi Mix “Heavy” Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Mix – Apple are you concerned?

Xiaomi Mi Mix seems to be entering the smartphone market seriously for once.  This heavily equipped phone has a great chance to overthrow iPhone and other smartphones. Though the price of this shiny wonder with ceramic design and fabulous 6.4 inc display that has no frame is similar to the iPhone.  Its all the way better than it.

Where the features went from top of the screen?

Proximity sensor was replaced with ultrasound sensor and it does the same thing.  And the call speaker is on the top of the phone.  Xiaomi Mi Mix uses “cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” that allows you to hear calls smoothly even when your ear is not that near like regular speaker would.  The front facing camera of 5 megapixel is also at the bottom, so it keeps to completely clear.

No, but seriously

I know this is a Chinese baked phone and we all know and understand the problem with products from China.  But I do not want to exaggerate on how cool this phone is, but admit it! it is something new that literally happens, not as these concept videos showing things that never happen.

The camera of Xiaomi is 16 megapixels with phase detection auto-focus, dual-LED flash.  It can take 2160p@30fps and 720p@120fps which easily feeds the modern people needs.  The specs of this phone are literally over the top of just a regular Samsung or iPhone.

I personally think and this is just an opinion, that this phone will be changing the market for sure.  If this will be a success, a lot of people will not come back for good old iPhone.  Brands that had their prices up high, but delivered very little innovation will have to work harder to get their name back.

For the last word I will tell this.  Xiaomi, you have a high expectations from people, but if you mess up with exploding phones, or them being bad quality, you probably even if wanted – won’t get trust back from people.  It is better to keep the brands name safe and do not do something you cannot handle like try to change the 3.5 mm jack.  Jack stays, I hope you as well.

You can read more about phone here.