What/Why is Health and Safety important?

Important repsonsibility that if left out could bring serious reprecussions to the coaches and managers. Health and safety covers a lot of points; for example is the facilities or equipment safe to use. Coaches and managers has to go through health and safety proceedure everytime as this is a legal requirment set by the governemnt, otherwise if coach does not follow the proceedurces and is unable to assess healthy and safe working environment from dangerious environment he will be responsible if someone will get injured.

Health and Safety in coaching

Making sure that facilities where you deliver your session are safe to use for example – eliminating any uneccesary things from the area so group members would not trip or slip on it and have an injury. Also considering if everybody can do the same acitvities and excercises, maybe someone has an injury and can’t do pushups, so you need to consider it and adapt other excercises for that person. Everytime before giving the equipment out, make sure it is appropriate to use and is not broken as this can cause injury or serious accidents for example a broken gym machine could get you a serious injury if you use it. After completing an exercise or activity coaches should look or ask for people that might be injured or not feeling well. Example could be: a group member fainted, because of dehydration in circuit trainig. So the coach has to react quiclky and make sure the person gets emergency help as soon as possible.