What is Street and Road map?

These maps are designed to clearly display roads, parks and other information. They are very detailed, but don’t represent buildings like houses, but may indicate shops, restaurants, public houses, speed cameras and other features that could help to navigate in City. They also show every street name if it has one. There are several of different signs and symbols that mean different things/information e.g. “A road” from regular road is marked differently so you can recognise them. They also show things like: City/town names, rails and other important information. They are used mostly to navigate thru City/town area. You can find this type of maps on internet or local kiosk. Most popular street map used nowadays is “Google Maps”. Street/road maps have to be updated from time to time, because in urban areas streets and roads often change and you might end up lost with outdated map that shows wrong information. This type of maps can be also used for particular areas like car park or complex estate area.