What is Global Warming?

Global warming is mostly caused by car, factory, and fossil fuel exhaust emissions, so called greenhouse gases, deforestation and pollution. Greenhouse gases contains CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (Methane) and N2O (Nitrous oxide) witch stays in our atmosphere and traps heat coming from sun, so temperature gets higher. Because of higher temperature we have more water vapour and rain, ice in Antarctica is melting so sea level is rising and a lot of countries have floods. These disasters affect people, animals and plants by damaging environment, property, farmer yield, and natural environment so animals cannot adapt to live in conditions like that; this is one of reasons why we have endangered animal species like polar bears. Polar bears cannott hunt sea lions because of melting ice and this is one of main sources of food for them. I think in the future we will face more and more weather anomalies, floods and heavy rain. To prevent greenhouse gas people should consider usage of fossil fuel and deforestation, because forests are main point to convert CO2 into O2 (oxygen we need to breathe). Plant more trees, use electric powered vehicles instead of combustion engine, use public transport or cycle for short journeys.