Unreal Engine – Revolution in Gaming

Unreal Engine is actually hard to believe it not real!

It is exciting to write this post, because Unreal Engine can provide not only next level graphics…  But first lets talk about graphics which is probably one of the key ingredients in modern games.  Yes, yes – this engine can deliver those to a high level that it is even hard to distinct it from real life pictures!

This actually looks crazy and it is hard to believe that graphics in games can go any further.  Obviously the physics of the engine will improve, but as far as graphics, I believe this is a near end of being really real.

The most exciting part!

Unreal Engine is a massive, complete, huge community supported game development framework.  Which is completely free!  It is free to create games, animations, models, apps, anything you like you can create and publish and choose to support Unreal Engine developers 5% of project earnings.  This is what a lot of game developers were waiting for and I believe that this technology will revolutionize gaming.  It will make games:

  • Better
  • More available
  • Encourage current developers
  • Encourage people who are not developers to start developing
  • Provide games with outstanding graphics
  • Provide more games with VR support (which is in demand)

Unreal Engine is a game changer and it brings a question – how far we can go in making games look so realistic?  The community of this cause is getting bigger everyday and more people are getting involved making it better and better everyday.  Even a student game developer can create a small, but high end game, so imagine what group of students could do.

Unreal Engine is not only for games

Lets not forget film making which is also a big part of what this engine is capable to do.  We all know that graphics in animated films are so important.  This is the development tools allows film makers to do wonders.

As long as you can handle this software you can create some good quality content.  It all comes for free with a huge support and loads of tutorials.  I pay so much respect to creators of Unreal Engine and I think what they have done is revolutionary.

To know more visit their page