Role of Good Citizens in Equality and Diversity

Role of good citizens in supporting the public services in dealing with issues of equality and diversity

Citizens partake a major part of the whole work related to Public Services only by their attitude and behaviour.  Services work is dependent on citizens, because they are usually the ones that call for police, fire brigade, ambulance etc. when they spot an emergency.  To be effective, both parts has to be in fully working order – the community and the services.  Because how they act affects Public Services in many ways and one of them is equality and diversity.  For community to be working in beneficial way to services it has to consist of citizens with good qualities and attitude of caring people about their society and development of communities.Role of good citizens in supporting equality and diversity

A role of a good citizens to support public services when they deal with issues related with equality and diversity would be to step up, show initiative and leadership if they encounter something unfair or unjust related to the equality and diversity.  If someone is getting harassed, because of their characteristics, good citizens would take action immediately to protect people that are vulnerable by reporting that behaviour or having a direct action.

Major advantage for having society where majority of people are citizens with good qualities and attitude is that society develops and builds faster than any other, creates friendly environment for everyone to live and enjoy life.

Other advantage for society of good citizens is that it is much easier for public services to be effective at their job as people communicate and exchange information to understand the needs of people from different backgrounds.  This can include religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, race and nationality.  When these concepts are understood it is easier to identify the issues related to equality and diversity.

As there are plenty of advantages to have people that are tolerant and respect equality and diversity – it also has a negative side of view.  If society becomes very tolerant and respecting the diversity and particularly I will take example of religion, when good citizens respect all the religions to the point when people start to feel that their specific religion is superior to others.  In other words, ethnic minorities might be mistaking kindness for weakness and start abusing the tolerance of good citizens which could possibly cause a negative impression for them if they raise for example their religion or other any kind of characteristic above others.  This also slows down or even completely stops the process of integration in community and society.  Some people with specific cultures and religions completely separate from the rest of society just, because they have different beliefs which I think it is fair enough as long as they don’t abuse people that are being kind to them, but at the same time it creates that separation that does not contribute to the effectiveness of work for public services and can even make it difficult as these communities can feel ‘discriminated’ if services deal with them in certain manner which they believe is inappropriate.

As a case study I will present one of the cases which I believe is abuse of kindness in UK society.  Leaders of Muslim communities want to implement sharia law alongside UK laws.  Some of sharia laws actually breaks the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which UK people live and stand by.

Sharia law could mean that women are denied an equal inheritance and if they are ‘non-believers’ they will be excluded entirely.  Also it would mean children born outside of marriage and adopted children could also be denied their fair share.  Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society said that: ‘Laws determined by Parliament should prevail over centuries-old theocratic laws. We should have One Law for All, not allowing any law to operate which disadvantages any sections of the community.’ And I think that his point is completely legitimate.

As diversity should be respected – this should not be happening.  Implementing sharia law in UK would display that government is lack of control in a country and communities can come and create their own laws which some of them are against the original ones.  I believe that these communities should be respected and their needs considered, but they should respond back with the same amount of respect and consider that people living in UK live by the same laws no matter what culture, religion or any other characteristic they might have and what would happen if other religions and cultures start to make laws alongside UK.  These communities should adapt to original laws and ideologies if they are willing to live in this society.

This relates to Public Servants and good citizens in community, because it forms the way we live.  It can have a big impact or a little, but it will still have it and how good citizens and public services will react to these issues related to equality and diversity – it will form and have effect on whole society’s future.  That’s why it’s important and that’s why we need to maintain the balance to respect all the communities with certain characteristics and not to favour a specific one to prevent abuse of UK policies and good citizens that support equality and diversity.

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