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Rock Climbing – Land-based outdoor activity explained

What is Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb natural rock formations or artificially constructed walls for climbing. The main goal is to reach the top of the rock or artificial wall without falling off. A specialist equipment is used in rock climbing that relates with safety such as: harness, helmets, ropes, karabiner and other safety equipment.

Rock climbing can be for recreational or competitive use when climbing on fastest possible time. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that can also be very dangerous.rock climbing

Who can participate?

To participate in rock climbing you need adequate equipment and if you are not familiar with rock climbing a qualified instructor that will help you to complete the activity safely. A certain level of fitness is required as you will need to use hands and legs to climb the rock wall. The activity is quite demanding and challenging, so you need to evaluate your abilities and decide whether you can do it. Also it would be better not to be afraid of heights or at least overcome the fears during the activity as it could affect your performance.

Where activity can take place in UK?

The activity can take place on rock mountains or in facilities that has artificial climbing walls. Usually it requires travelling for participants unless the facilities or mountains are near. For indoor rock climbing there are variety of facilities around the UK for instance in Upminster Essex you can find outdoor activity centre called Stubbers where they have artificial walls, equipment and qualified instructors that can help you to learn how to climb.

Governing bodies and more information about the land-based activity

The British Mountaineering Council is the representative body that exists to protect the freedoms and promote the interests of rock climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers in UK. It also organises events and has own TV channel that broadcasts events and shows about climbing. More information can be accessed here: (

Rock Climbing activity providers in UK

Mile End Wall Climbing situated in London for indoor climbing practises. There are variety of different level climbing walls, so even if you have no experience in rock climbing it will help you to build your skills and confidence in rock climbing. More information here: (

Call of the Wild at Brecon Beacons that has real rock walls and makes it more fun and challenging. They have specialist instructors that will provide equipment, support and help during rock climbing. You can find more information here: (

Why people enjoy Rock Climbing?

It is challenging activity and sport that requires adequate level of fitness, equipment and skill set. It is not for everyone as some people can be afraid of heights or do not have level of fitness to be able to climb. This activity motivates people to do it as when you reach the summit you feel a sense of achievement and overcome of your fears. It is a sport that requires planning and physical strength and you can call it full body and mind workout. When you reach the top you get breath-taking view and feeling of height that gives you sense of adrenaline.