Review of ‘This war of mine’

This War of Mine 2016-05-19 21-32-26-047This war of mine is a survival based game on real life events. It is set during a war, with an end goal of you survival the longest with the most resources, ammunition and weapons. Every decision in the game has an effect on the way your characters will behave, this could easily make them run away from the shelter.

The graphics of the game are absolutely amazing, everything is well textured, there is not a single bit that would make you hesitate on the way the final game looks. The graphical user interface is created to look as if it is scratched/ripped up to make it stand out accordingly to the way the game is meant to look.

Moving on to the game play, you start with three characters, each character contains special abilities. For example, one character might be better at cooking while others at scavenging. The whole game is controlled using the mouse which is easier than remembering what multiple keyboard keys are doing. The longer you play the game, the more characters will come and visit you to join you in your shelter, but they do require looking after as the more characters there are, the more supplies will be used up.

Just before the summary, the sound quality of the game is extremely good. It plays a calm music that suits the game. The sounds of different actions could be improved as some of the current ones seem not realistic, but more on the side of computer generated.

As a summary of the game, it is a really enjoyable game to play alone or with friends on a single computer making life or death decisions for the characters. If you like a survival video game then this one is definitely on the recommended list as there are no significant problems or bugs with the game. The game is addictive and personally I have spent a lot of hours just messing around in the game, not counting the amount of hours spent surviving different scenarios.