Review of ‘Project cars’

Silverstone - Project carsProject cars is focused on the concept of different vehicle driving, the name suggests that it is only about
driving cars, well that’s wrong as I started my career off by driving a go kart. The price on steam without a
discount is at £23.39, for a game like this it is too much and i will cover why later on.

Starting off with the graphics, they were not as good as expected, for a game at this price and with a reasonable budget the graphics were a disappointment to me as a fan of good looking racing games. At first there was a hesitation of the settings being low, but changing them from medium/high to ultra made nearly no change even after the game restart. There was a lack of background AI and real life concept in the background was completely missing. The models show seem to be low poly and the textures not even hitting 256 pixels.

Moving forward onto the sounds of the game, I was impressed at how well it was voiced. The female voiced introduction was just music to my ears, but this was all ruined by the in game sounds. As I started off with a go kart, it was loud and while racing I couldn’t see an option button to lower the sounds, I was stuck with my ears bleeding for a minute of racing before it all ended. However, the sounds were realistic which made the game a bit more interesting.

Project cars go kartLets go for the most important one, gameplay. The first race went quite well, the controls seemed as a realistic representation but when the second race started, for some reason the ai were on the road while i was stuck in a wall, seems fair for the hard mode. Not only the race starting in the wall was the cause for hate on the gameplay, but the fact that the AI would spin out once in a while or speed away double the speed that you can accelerate to, these are the only bad points spotted about the gameplay. There are too many good points to list so I will only stick to pointing out the bad ones.

As a conclusion, the game is very much recommended for any fan of racing games. Yes, there are some bad points but don’t all games have them? Anyway, following back onto my previous statement of the price being to much, it’s because of the gameplay being buggy and the graphics looking horrible. if it was around £16 I would recommend it a lot more than right now as it would seem like a reasonable price for such a game.