Review of ‘Better late than dead’ – Survival Game

Survival games is one of the main game type. It takes a lot of time to think of a good story to back up the game that is easy to follow and makes sense.

Looking through the list of survival games on steam, one caught my eye that seemed to have amazing graphics. The pictures and trailer looked amazing, it seemed to  a really good idea for a new survival game. The price of the game was reasonable, currently listed at the price of £10.99 I decided to buy it to take a look for my self how the game felt.

I was wrong. The pictures looked good but the game was something else. The saying, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ fits in just right.BLTD 2016-05-15 22-27-59-375

Lets begin with the gameplay. Running on ant i7-4470 cpu and gtx 750 the beautiful graphics took a bit more fps than expected. The game was running at no more than 40fps and 25fps when its raining, that’s fun. After getting used to the controls I couldn’t get over the fact that there was mouse acceleration and no option to turn it off. The movement was weird and delayed, no tutorial for how to do anything in the game so it took some time to do anything. On steam the gameplay is described by the developers as ‘inconsistencies that lead to more questions.’ I have to agree with that as there is a lot of questions about the gameplay that is missing.

Moving forward to the story, wait what story? There seems to be a very weak story. It starts with ”you’re stranded on an island without memory, you only have a picture of a child.” Right, you have a picture of a child. No memory and why are there full body bags everywhere? Coming back to the previous statement of having a lot of questions this is definitely one of them. Not only body bags, but suit cases as well, why are all of them empty?

The game sound is horrible. It has a small delay  which is annoying. Not only the game sound is annoying but the music as well, I didn’t realise that the game had music until I hit escape to mess around with the options. You would expect the music to fade in, but not with this game, it wants you to bleed from your ears with dramatic music.

As a summary, the game is buggy and horrible to play. The price is higher than most pre-alpha games that are better.