Neural Networks – Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks – how far away we are from Westworld?

I am so excited to say, we are not that far away. Thus it is still just a fiction, but we are heading right in there.  Age where robots can actually learn things themselves without any outer influence. Make their own decisions and perform tasks with more accuracy than humans due to complex neural networks systems.  Sounds scary right? You want it or not this is what we will deal with in near future.

I probably don’t even need to point out the possibilities of neural networks, it being thousand times faster at processing information than human beings. AI can provide opportunity for people to live on handouts and do what they want all day. Well at least if it won’t get in hands of people who will want to miss use it, but this is another story.

It all sounds amazing, but to understand neural networking and self learning process… Well you see when machines process data and learn from it – they do it very quickly and they reach a point where their understanding is much greater than the smartest people on earth.  And when our understanding cannot compete with AI we can no longer predict whether it learns what its supposed to. Engineers will eventually lose track unless the system would be so fine that control could be maintained all the time. AI engineers can assure you that there is nothing to worry about and everything works, because it is coded to. How engineers can guarantee that AI won’t come to a point where it can bypass original code? Exactly, they cannot. They can only guarantee by their own understanding, but the understanding the machine will gain over time will be much greater than engineers themselves.

Watch how Neural network system learns to drive a car in 2D game

Human problem

Everything sounds so awesome to know that finally we will be able to have AI. But AI brings a problem. Well you see, AI can learn to do things much more accurately than human beings right?  If a programmer writes an algorithm to detect a specific disease or more than one specific disease and AI learns to do it, it becomes very good at it. So the need for doctors may decrease… This is one of examples, but it can happen to many job areas and it is a complete game-changer to the whole system of society. Sooner or later we will see it entering our world.  Are humans ready for this kind of change I leave it up to you to decide. But the fact is clear that it will have tremendous implications to our life whether it being good or bad.

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