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Mountain Biking – Land-based outdoor activity explained

What is Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is the sport of off-road cycling on rough terrains with specially adapted sport bicycle with suspension and rough tyres. This outdoor activity can be done in countryside with a variety of good off road locations across the country or if you want to go advanced, you can find a specially designed track and trails for mountain bikes. Alternatively, you can find your own trail literally anywhere that’s off-road. This activity can be done for pleasure or for competition matters in terms of racing and or time trail. There are events around UK for mountain biking and this sport is quite popular in UK.Mountain biking

Who can participate?

To participate you need to have a suitable mountain bike which will be the most of the investment you will have to do, a good trail, track or location, safety gear which would include: helmet, gloves and protections. You also should be quite good at riding a bike and have a certain level of fitness dependant on the trail you want to ride. If it is an easy track or just gravel road, pretty much everyone could participate as long as they have gear and can ride a bicycle.

Where Mountain Biking can take place in UK?

The best way to experience mountain biking is in countryside with beautiful scenery, forests and hills for even more extreme and advanced riders. If countryside is quite far you can always find your local bike track for instance Essex Hertz MTB in Thorndon where you can come and practise in track free of charge, you just need to have your own bike and gear. More information can be found here: ( And there are variety of tracks, some of them natural and some of them man made all around the UK if you want advanced riding or if you want simple ride you can go on countryside park or road and practise your skills there.

Is there a Mountain Biking Association?

The IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) are a non-profit voluntary supported organization that brings and promotes mountain biking to people. They build and maintain tracks as well as represent this sport as it is the largest mountain biking community in UK. They work with environment agencies for permission to build these tracks while doing least damage to environment as possible. IMBA also make events and races by that building even larger biking community. You can find more information about it here: (

Okay, so where can I Mountain Bike?

Probably the best place to try your mountain biking skills would be at the legendary Olympic trail centre based in Hadleigh Park. It was home for 2012 Olympic game mountain bike riders and now is converted for public use and everyone can use it free of charge. More information here: (

MBRO35 (Mountain Bike Riders Over 35) are a social group of riders that goes on a ride once or twice a week. Rides happen in North East of London and start on a Saturday morning at 11am in Epping Forest. It is a free of charge, you just only need to have your own bike and gear. More information here: (

What are the benefits of Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking gives you adrenaline and is a really fast sport which involves lots of power and can get you exhausted very quickly. There are a lot of different tracks, some of them are easy and some of the very advanced, so as long as people can find suitable track for bike and skills it is a great choice, because it doesn’t cost you money unless it’s a competition, you can do it and train as long as you want and it is a very good exercise. You can cover and explore fair distances and gave great experience.