Molecular Sensor in Your Pocket!

A pocket molecular sensor that would suit anyone who is on a diet

SCiO – that is the name of this molecular sensor which is able to deliver quite accurate data about food products like meat, diary and more.  It also has capabilities to identify the active ingredient of painkiller pills.  So if you have several pills and not sure which one is the one, you can easily detect the one to drink.

With this little device you can get information about fats, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar content and calories your food has per 100 grams.  You can figure out a chemical make up of a lot of things – as long as they are in database.

How is this possible?

SCiO uses a light sensor called spectrometer which emits light and then absorbs it back reading light spectrum and then analyses it by using a large database.  This is similar to the way how space agencies identify matter of other planets.  When you see headlines such as NASA found water in Mars, this means a laser molecular sensor was shot and when it bounced of the surface and came back to station they were able to read spectrum.  And by using a database which consists of a lot of these readings they compare it and can identify whether it is a rock or water and etc.  This device only has one button, but is controlled bu a smartphone app that is full of functions.

Where can it be used?

The most useful part of this device is that it can detect food you might be allergic to!  Which can be a little life saver when you are not sure whether the dish has nuts or diary in it.  For vegans it will show whether the food has any meat.  Also SCiO can be used for many other areas such as research and education.

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