Make a USB Drive Bootable for Windows or LINUX

Make a bootable USB drive for Windows or LINUX

To make your USB drive bootable you need to follow these simple steps.


First of all you need to make sure that USB pen or stick is plugged in and is working properly. Memory stick should not be damaged as it will not work.

Step one: Go to start, in “Search programs and files” field write “cmd” and it should find for you Command Prompt application. Move your mouse over it, click right button and “Run as administrator”. And this is important to have administrator rights in order to format memory stick.


Step two: When you run CMD a window should open. Write DISKPART and press enter. Then write LIST DISK and press enter. A list with connected memory devices should come up. You should be able to see your memory stick assigned to a number.


Step three: Now select preferable memory device you want to format. Make sure it is not the main hard drive! Write SELECT DISK [#] and press enter. Instead of [#] insert the number of memory device. When you press enter it should say that that your USB disk is now selected disk. If you are not sure which disk is which, safely remove USB then connect it again and start from step two again.

as3Step four: You are almost there, but need to execute a list of commands. After each command you need to press enter. If you get an error, stop executing commands and try again from step one. If it still does continue, contact SIMPLEASK.CO.UK administration and we try to help you.

(This command will take a while to process, but don’t worry everything is OK.)

Now wait for percentage to reach 100%. It may take a while dependent on your computer and storage of memory device.  Make sure you don’t eject USB while it is processing!

as5Well done!  You almost there, now you need to type last 2 commands.  After each one press enter.


After these commands command prompt (cmd) chould look like this:


Now as you formated your USB stick you will need software that will make it bootable.  It’s called “UNetbootin”, you can check out their official page ( or download software directly.

Once you open it, you can choose what you want to boot from your USB memory stick.  In this tutorial I will be installing LINUX.  If you have WINDOWS iso file you can simply select DISKIMAGE option, choose ISO, select your USB stick and press OK.

If you want to install LINUX, select the distribution option, pick software you want to install into your USB memory stick and select version.  The click OK and wait till the UNetbootin does job for you.


After UNetbootin finishes the installation, you can reboot your machine and boot your USB memory stick.