LattePanda Runs Windows 10

That’s right, LattePanda is here!

LattePanda is a new singleboard computer that runs Windows 10 and it also comes with the full version already preinstalled when you buy from the official webstore.

Models and Pricing

The simplest version with 2G of ram and 32GB ROM with Windows license stands at $109, while a board without windows licence goes for $79, so if you already have a license you can easily save a buck.  And the high end version comes with 4G of ram and 64GB ROM, but without windows license.


Yep, the processor is Intel Z8300 Quad Core Atom. 1.44-1.84 GHz where Raspberry Pi 3 has Broadcom Quad Core ARM 1.2 GHz.  It also has Intel Gen8 graphics 200-500MHz.  Intel shows a strong pressence and for now this board is a clear “Alpha” in terms of performance compared to other boards.


The rest of advantages that makes this product stand out…

LattePanda has a 2x standard USB and it is very nice to see a USB 3.0 slot where you can use it for higher data transfer speeds.  It has build in WIFI antenna slot and antenna also comes in the box which is very nice.  Designated slot for Screen whether touch one or regular one (looking forward to put it in my car).  Integrated 4.0 bluetooth is also useful feature and you won’t need to use usb slot if you want to use bluetooth.  Micro SD card with Micro USB slot and all sort of standard stuff is there like sensors and GPIO pins (it comes with integrated microprocessor Andruino)…  But what I like the most that it has stock flash memory which I want to point out once again and you can have it 32GB and 64GB.

Last thoughts

Well, obviously this product stands out of the rest of the boards, but you can say, “Hey, Raspberry or other boards cost less, when Raspberry costs from $35 this thing starts from $79…”  And you are right!  The price for board computers is a factor, but the quality and the jump in performance is also huge.  What can we expect from this?  Well I expect that Raspberry Pi will soon release its new board that will at least match or even better – raise the bar!

I hope that LattePanda will drop prices very soon and Raspberry will bite back with better performance and better prices when the only downside for Pi is that it doesn’t run Windows…  It only has a preview build, but you cannot do anything on it therefore it is useless.  Also it seems that LattePanda does not support a lot of Linux versions and to be fair only several of them actualy boots up.  Rumors in the forums tell that people find hard time running linux on this machine.

Personal opinion

For multimedia purposes and internet browsing this LattePanda is spot on.  I actually planning to install it in my car instead of stock player.  It is actually a fair computer you can say and it can be used for work without any problems.  But, anything related to servers and programming I would not use it, because there are some of Linux builds that this device does not support and I would not keep my e.g. webserver on Windows 10 thats for sure.  Unless LattePanda fixes this issue, Raspberry will have a wildcard against the Panda as developers are more likelly to use Linux OS.