KaiOS Makes Feature Phones Relevant Again

Until recently, the whole mobile industry had their attention on the same price, the smartphone. With iPhone brand lead the charge, it is no surprise a lot of users considered the vital feature phone dead, that is, until KaiOS developed.

What is KaiOS Capable of in the Industry?

KaiOS provides a user with many essential features like camera capabilities, LTE connectivity, app store, dual SIM support, Instant Message service, and email. Other essential features take account of support for video calling, live TV series, NFC support as well as Google contact integration.

A feature phone that is powered by KaiOS specifically for the Indian market, the JioiPhone has obtained some measure of success, this is due to the assortment of relevant applications. Between an efficiently free phone, streaming media applications and generous data plans, there is a little wonder why the phone is a renowned feature phone in India.

Here is how KaiOS controlled new technologies as well as market opportunities to make feature phones relevant again.

Put 2 Generation Networks Once More

Through the deep understanding of the requirements of phone manufacturers, carriers, as well as consumers, the professional team at Kai witnesses an opening for the 4 Generation feature phone looming ahead. As 2 Generation and 3 Generation networks become a burden for many carriers due to price, these manufacturers also witness fifteen to fifty percent on their client base not able to upgrade to a smartphone in the future.

Along with their partners, KaiOS team anticipated the solution to an issue which no one else was solving, how to transfer from 2 Generation/3 Generation to 4 Generation, when all and sundry were focused on a smartphone.

Bring LTE to the Public

At this point, there are only two carriers in the world who have the resources and ability to perform LTE broadcast- Verizon and Reliance Jio. Rather than carriers need to send a date to every subscriber, this system allows the user to broadcast an event to the subscribers in particular, which is a win-win situation for both consumer and carrier, as it saves user data costs.

Make it Reasonable for All

Aside from technological developments, the other essential aspect in revolutionizing the cellphone market with the affordability of Jiophone. It is one thing to pack a cell phone with the newest technology. It is another to do so at a low price of a smartphone.

This is considered the essential feature of phones powered by KaiOS, organizing OS for a low memory feature phone.

It has been a win-win situation for those involved. People will gain from inexpensive access to the internet as well as digital services. Like for instance, the Jiophone in India made competition in the industry of mobile services and products, driving overall prices of the phone down as manufacturers compete for customers.

Kai keeps on fulfilling their task of closing the digital divide, and this is through making access to digital services and products a reality for all and along with partners, 4 Generation is a vital part of their strategy.