JSEcoin JavaScript Based Cryptocurrency

JSEcoin? What is that?

Launched in August 2017 – JSEcoin is browser based cryptocurrency platform that uses JavaScript for its engine.

JSEcoin is unique, because web based cryptocurrencies are relatively a new thing. And JSEcoin gives opportunity for website owners to embed a JavaScript code in to their page and while users are online, they provide hashing power which is calculated for website owner.  In basic words, users on website are mining coins for webmaster.  It uses minimal power, so end user does not notice any difference in performance.  This can be great alternative for annoying advertisements that can generate a revenue.  Because of this concept, user base of JSEcoin is growing very rapidly.  In 2 months project accumulated about 10,000 active users.

Why its better than Bitcoin?

Developers claim that they have some key factors that make JSEcoin better than others.  First is that it uses electricity more efficiently to maintain network than other cryptocurrencies.  They provide new ways for webmasters to monetize their pages.  And they make the platform in a way, so it is very simple to use.

Its still in ICO stage

JSECoin will be released to public markets in 2018.  Precise date has not been set yet and it is a high risk investment with possibility for coins to become worthless.  But with a well developed platform – that is easy to use for people who are not familiar with mining.  This can attract a lot of people.  And people are what makes the coin valuable.

Developers seem quite transparent about the project and shares some details about investors and state of project.

Also webmasters are very valuable to JSEcoin network as they can provide a hash rate with minimal resources (well excluding website itself) as oppose to regular mining.  This is very efficient way to keep the network going.

This platform is still in early stage and a lot of question will be answered with time.  It seems promising, but nobody can really tell if project will succeed.

A link to JSEcoin: www.jsecoin.com