How to change car brake pads

Before starting

You should always service your vehicle at specialized workshop, not by yourself. But you still want to know how to change vehicle brakes pads? This article will show you how it is done on Vauxhall C-Corsa 2000.

Health and Safety

Before starting to work you need to consider Health and Safety. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be worn at all times when working. Including: Overalls, boots, gloves.

Also you will need special equipment to change brakes.


Equipment list: Vehicle jack, axle stand, torque wrench, brake piston retractor (or construction C-Clamp) , spanners or allen key set depends on vehicle.

How to change car brake pads

First you are going to break the wheel nuts from the side which you are going to change the brake pads, raise the vehicle using jack, make sure you using safe and stable jacking point and put the axle stands in safe and stable position.  Then undo your wheel nuts and remove the wheel.
Next your a going to find 2 calliper bolts its behind the calliper which is shown in the picture below.


change car brake pads
Brake pads and disc.
change car brake calliper
change car brake pipe

Unscrew the calliper bolts by using 12mm socket (in other vehicles can be different socket sizes or even allen keys)
After unscrewing those 2 bolts you can remove the calliper by pulling it out but don’t drop it or let it hang it on the brake pipe because you can make damage to the pipe. Use zip ties or some hanger and hang the calliper on the suspension springs or other safe place.

Now you can remove the brake pads by pulling it out (some vehicles have sensors on the brake pads, so before you removing it you need to disconnect the cable from the connection plug.)

Now you can place new brake pads in their place.
Next your a going to remove the cap from the master cylinder underneath the bonnet and press the calliper piston by using brake piston retractor or C-Clamp until it’s enough space to put he calliper back on the brake pads.  Place the calliper on the brake pads and tight it up by using torque wrench to 27Nm (depends on vehicle use your manufacturer to check how much torque you need to tight it up)
Put the wheel back on tight it up little bit, remove the axle stand and release the jack.  Now you can tight it up your wheels with torque wrench to 110Nm (again depends on vehicle check on your manufacturer before tightening it up).

Now you can continue your changing to the other wheel.

After your changed your brake pads don’t forget to put the master cylinder cap back on.