Hiking Adventurious Activity

Hiking – Land-based activity explained

What is Hiking?

Hiking is a long term walk for recreational purposes. Often carried out by people who like to explore and enjoy outdoors from very close. It can involve walking on various terrain, footpaths and fields which makes it a quite challenging activity. Can be carried out in single day and or multiple days can be needed to complete the hike dependant on the length and difficultness of it. To be a successful hiker, you need to be familiar with navigational skills that include use of map, compass and route card.

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Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as long as they are able to walk. Difficulty of a hike should correspond to level of fitness and expertise in navigational skills and experience in hiking. Because there can be variety of routes starting from easy and ending up at extremely difficult pretty much anyone can find adequate route to hike.

There are some pieces of equipment needed such as waterproof clothing, rucksack, navigational tools, stoves, tents and other – that can cause expenses if you want to start hiking, but this is long term investment and the kit you will get to yourself will last quite long, so other hikes will have no cost for equipment.

Locations and places for activity

Hiking usually takes place in countryside and mountainous locations with forests and untouched natural environment which makes experience even better, but routes can also include urban areas at some points. There are many national recreational routes across UK and you can find them by using Ordnance Survey maps. All these recreational routes are public footpaths and are available to everyone that follows countryside code. For instance you can join local or any other walking group that organises hikes frequently.

Where you can find more information about this land-based outdoor adventurious activity?

There are organisations and companies that provides information about hiking. One of the organisations is British Walking Federation (access more information here: www.bwf-ivv.org.uk). The British Walking Federation’s member clubs organise events designed for people of all ages and abilities. Participants walk at their own pace enabling them to improve their personal fitness through regular, non-competitive exercise.

Activity providers in UK

Call of the Wild situated in Wales provides training and guided hikes and many other activities. Cost depends on the time and date of the hike. You can get a quote on price, date and more information about activities here: (www.callofthewild.co.uk).

Contours situated all around the UK specialises in hiking and can provide specially oriented training and information about routes. Cost depends on the date, time and place of your hike and also whether you will need an additional equipment or assistance. You can book their services or find more information on their website: (www.contours.co.uk).