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Gorge Walking – Land-based outdoor activity explained

What is Gorge Walking?

Gorge walking is traveling in canyons and performing techniques such as walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling (rappelling), swimming and jumping in water from cliffs. Going under waterfalls and other fun and extreme activities. It is for people who don’t mind to get wet and jump in cold water from fair heights. Gorge walking is usually done in groups with leading instructor that is for safety precautions. It is a great team building sport, because at some points it involves trust in your group members, because to climb a wall, help from the team may be needed. Even though it includes swimming, most of the time you are walking on land or rocks and that’s why it is land based activity. It is quite dangerous as to be able to do it you need to be able to perform techniques.gorge walking

Who can participate?

To participate in this activity you need to have certain kit of equipment. It can include: helmet for water activities, life jacket, wet suit and ropes. Also a certain level of fitness is required as you will perform techniques that requires strength, balance and muscular endurance. As life jacket prevents from drowning – ability to swim is a great way of preventing accidents as at some places streams are very strong and can take you away from rest of the group. Anyone can participate if they are at least 10 years old and considered their abilities.

Where Gorge Walking can take place?

Canyons that are ideal for gorge walking are often cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and sometimes spectacular waterfalls. The most popular place for gorge walking in UK is in Wales Brecon Beacons with outstanding natural beauty and waterfalls, but there are also beautiful canyons in Scotland that are suitable for gorge walking. There are organisations and companies that have instructors and provide gorge walking sessions in Scotland and Wales.

Organisations that specialise in Gorge Walking

UK Canyon Guides or British Canyoning Association is the main governing body of gorge walking and or canyoning in UK. They bring together the UK canyoning community and provide the best possible training in this field. The British Canyoning Association aims to provide at least 2 Canyoning meets a year where people can come together and explore areas and socialise. You can find more information about this association on: (www.canyonguides.org).

I like it, where can I Gorge Walk in UK?!!

Canyoning Scotland with 3 different locations available: Brurar, Tinafour and Killiecrankie provides beautiful journey down through the gorge. The timings are Summer and Winter -10am and 1pm and prices are £45 per person (for half day) This includes all safety equipment and instruction. More information available here: (www.canyoningscotland.com).

Gorge walking in Wales and the Brecon Beacons have variety of gorges to offer and suit your needs. They provide special equipment and instructions. It costs about £65.00 per person, dependant on the size of the group. More information can be found here: (www.gorgewalkingwales.com).

Why people Gorge Walk (Canyoning)

Gorge walking is extreme exploration of canyons and natural environment that makes adrenaline pumping in your blood.  It is a great team bonding activity as it involves building trust of your team mates.  It is a great challenge to test your fitness level and capabilities.  It doesn’t need a lot of expensive equipment and it can also be used multiple times. It is one of the unique activities that is land based, but has elements of water in it. Armed forces use this activity as training as it takes people out of their comfort zone and you need mental preparation as well as physical.