Good Citizen Qualities

Good citizen qualities – why they are useful?

How to become good citizen?

To become a good citizen you need to possess certain qualities and behave in a way that would support and benefit to the social and community welfare. This is important for improvement and

development of community and making it safer place for everyone.
Here is some of the qualities listed and explained that could make person a good citizen:Good Citizen Qualities

  • Tolerant
    • Accepting other people opinions, behaviour, background and personal freedom of choice. It can include religious beliefs, life choices, skin colour and or nationality.
  • Respecting diversity
    • In UK there are variety of different cultures living together (Multiculturalism) , so it is important to respect people from other cultures to live together peacefully.
  • Polite and well mannered
    • We live in 21st Century and it is important to have good manners, because it became moral norm in society long time ago. It is more pleasant to communicate and interact with polite than rude person.
  • Helpful and willing to help
    • In community people help one another if they get in trouble. If a person fainted in the middle of a street, helpful person will react immediately and help him. This is important as people in community should help one another and make life easier.
  • Responsible and reliable
    • Being responsible and reliable will aid community in positive way. Citizens have responsibilities such as looking after environment, recycling, voting etc., but not every citizens take those responsibilities seriously and are not reliable as a citizens. If people don’t recycle and contribute to environment pollution they show that they don’t care about their community and are not reliable at all.
  • Positive mind and attitude
    • Being positive will contribute to the community and or society by adding some hope and beliefs that community can achieve some goals like: decrease crime rate or put down discrimination.