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    Shootings at Ft. Lauderdale airport. Armed man killed at least 5 and left 8 seriously injured. Shooter is in custody, unarmed and safe. More updates comming.
    Esteban claims he was forced to work for ISIS when interviewed by FBI

    esteban simpleask.net

    Esteban Santiago simpleask.net

    Confirmed: at least 2 shooters on the scene

    Air Canada just confirmed that there are no records of such passanger and registered weapons in a luggage:

    airport shootings


    Shooter confirmed to be: Esteban Santiago currently in custody. Attacker had a military ID.


    Infantryman at U.S. Army
    Studied at U.S. Army
    Went to William A. Hough High School
    Lives in Cornelius, North Carolina
    From Atlanta, Georgia
    26 Year old
    Born in New Jersey

    This is the attackers Facebook profile:

    Gunman shouted “I am not Jewsih!” – repeatedly. The flight was from Canada. The U.S. Army is investigating whether Santiago was in the Reserves. Esteban Santiago was posting on Jihadi forums when he was 17 years old in 2007.


    Arrests made (this person is unconfirmed to be one of the shooters yet, but he got arrested):


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    In the beggining was the word.

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