Effectiveness of Humanitarian Measures in UK

Effectiveness of legal and humanitarian measures to protect citizens within the UK

Effectiveness of humanitarian measures that protects citizens in UK will be outlined and their effectiveness analysed in detail by providing examples and case study related to the subject as supportive evidence.  Analysis of how well or poor certain measures aimed at protecting citizens actually work.  This can be associated with equality and diversity, freedom of movement and speech, civil and human rights.Effectiveness of humanitarian measures

How effective is humanitarian measures in the UK?

There are many of humanitarian measures within the UK.  We have freedom of speech which means that people can express their opinions without need of being harassed by government or any other organisations.  This also includes workplaces as sometimes employees start to whistle-blow if they see that there is wrongdoing.  For instance whether people are being mistreated or any other illegal actions takes place.  This also covers media and journalism as journalists can report and investigate certain government and organisation behaviour and be free to publish it as long as it is true.  Even though citizens have freedom of speech in UK there are some restrictions which does not allow people to be discriminative and or insult.  This measure is effective as truth has more chances of being revealed and there are many cases such as whistle-blowers from NHS that reveals the inappropriate working conditions in this institution and as they are protected by law, they cannot be fired even if employers find it out.  This leads to better and fairer service to public and better conditions for people that work there.

Source, NHS Whistleblowing: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-31362196

UK has a benefit system which supports people that has financial difficulties.  Some of the citizens and families are able to obtain housing and direct financial support, because they do not reach certain income.  This humanitarian measure has two perspectives and from one it is effective and from the other one it is not.  As there are families that actually need support from the government, there are people who abuse this system and puts more pressure on the tax payers and government itself.  So this system that government created would need further development to makes sure that claims are not made by people who do not actually need the benefits that they receive.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/minister-backs-up-claims-on-unfair-benefits-8434822.html

In UK children till the age of 19 are able to receive free education and citizens after 19 are able to obtain education, but the government no longer supports and pays the fees.  This shows that government cares about the developing citizen skills and abilities to have society that has specialist and professional people with specific range of skill set.  This is effective as it leads to development of industry and infrastructure as there are a lot of engineers, architectures and technicians that studied in universities in UK and now work in the country.

UK also collaborates to international matters by accepting some of the asylum seekers and providing them with visas and or nationalities and this is how it links to UK citizens even though it is international matter.  All the asylum seekers are imprisoned while their case is being reviewed and if their case is proven, they are allowed to enter UK.  Immigration services closely investigates to make sure that these people are not criminals or terrorists and are safe to enter UK society as they will be collaborating in the work market and other areas.

Source: http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/policy_research/the_truth_about_asylum/facts_about_asylum_-_page_1

Why legal and humanitarian measures are effective?

These measures consists of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, legal and individual rights.  Human rights are universal agreement with majority of the world to protect people and their rights in many ways and this is decided by United Nations.  Human Rights apply to people all around the world including UK citizens and if these rights would be broken as in some countries human rights are being violated, United Nations would take action as UK is a part of it.  And the other set of measures are legal and individual rights which applies only to UK citizens and these rights are created by government and enforced by various agencies.

A part of legal and individual rights were put in place merely, because Trade unions showed initiative and these rights were put in places such as: maternity leave, equal opportunities, equal pay and others.  Unions acknowledged that people needs certain rights and protection and pressured government to make it as a law.  Some of the rights became effective immediately, some of them needed time and some of them needed further development such as the benefits system.  Overall humanitarian measures in UK are effective, because they are in place for certain reasons and are enforced by the law and even if it needs further development it can still be important as it is quite difficult to create laws and rights that would not have loop holes in them.