Data Protection Act: NHS to sell patients’ medical data

Data Protection ACT violation

Case Study: Effectiveness of Humanitarian measures in UK

It has been revealed that NHS sells medical data without adequate checks carried out beforehand.  This can lead data to be accessed by thData protection actird part companies and agencies  The data includes highly personal details of patient diagnoses, dates of birth and addresses.  NHS defends itself by stating that it will help patients to set insurance premiums by looking at who got certain illnesses, at what age and in which areas and by this receive faster help.

Jane Ellison, the health minister, said “People want rights over how their health and care data, especially data that identify them, are being used. Safeguards will be put in place over and above what NHS England does to build public confidence.”

In this case Data Protection Act and right to privacy were violated, because third party companies obtained access to people’s private information.  It is completely unfair that patients’ private information is used without their consent.  After this case, one question arises whether we can trust NHS after the way they treat our private information and what could be their next step after they acknowledged the fact that there are ways to bypass the laws and individual rights.

I think that government should take in account all the violations against the human and individual rights in UK.  Because when rights and laws are bypassed, it shows that the system has holes and can be abused and some people and companies can take advantage of it.

It shows that not all of the legal measures are effective as it can be bypassed by the loop holes in the laws as NHS has got away with it and it proposes to continue to sell private information.