Communication and Technology

Communication and Technology is very important in our modern lives

Things like letters, email, telephones, and other types of communication helped humans and brought them where they are today.


Letters Are type of formal communication that has specific structure that includes: addresses, dates, greeting, text body, and signature.  Letter are sent through post and it takes some time to deliver it.  Sometimes letters get lost and people don’t receive needed information or documents.  Also if the information is important, someone could read your letter and use the information against you.  Even though our civilization entered the information and computer age and we can communicate digitally, letters are still needed as it can send paper documents which can be necessary to provide evidence or to receive e.g. your driving license.  This type of information can be used to inform people about something for instance.  If person exceeds speed limit on motorway and speed cameras caught it, specific police department will issue the person with letter explaining that fees has to be paid, otherwise it can lead to prosecution.


Memo or also called memorandums are a short notes left usually to co-workers.  It is useful, because when co-worker attends his workplace, memorandums are quite noticeable and they can report some information.  Even though it is reliable way of reporting information, memo can be stolen or read, so it is important to consider the information you will put.  Memorandums cannot hold any confidential information and you never know if person read your memorandum and these disadvantages are important to consider when making a memo.  Important information cannot be left on memorandum and you will probably not get response.  UPS and majority of office staff uses memos in situations such as this:  secretary leaves memo on detective’s table to remind about upcoming detective meeting and items he is required to bring.

Annual reports

Annual Reports are produced so organisation can see their performance and then set goals and targets they want to achieve to increase that performance.  It also helps to track and follow new techniques or technologies implemented in workforce e.g. police officers will use individual cameras to collect evidence and would it stop police officers from being abusive and people from being violent, if not is it worth further investments?  The negative side of this can be that annual reports cover quite large period of time and data could be misleading if you would consider particular time period where violence was very high e.g. London riots.  This event really affected the annual reports, but it doesn’t happen so often and there is possibility it will never happen again.  In police service, high ranked officers and commissioners look at the annual reports and look for areas where they need to improve, if crime rate is high in one area they will increase amount of police officers there to fix that.

Audit reports

Audit Reports are an evaluation of the usefulness and/or effectiveness of certain group work.  These reports can be produced by internal staff members or external that could be government agencies or independent agencies.   Police or any other services and organisations can benefit from this and use the information they receive in audit reports to improve their effectiveness of the workforce.  Example could be that police armed response unit received audit explaining how they could improve their performance and attend the emergency faster by avoiding unnecessary procedures.  Sometimes audit reports can be based purely on opinion and this could lead in bias and false information being implemented.


Email is a form of electronic communication and computer with internet access in required to send it.  The advantages of email is that it is very fast and quick and you can send a lot of information including media like images, audio, video and many other.  Disadvantages are that emails are prone to hacking and viruses that can cause leaks of important information and broken data.  There are also a lot of spam messages that fill up inbox and can be pain when working with email.  In UPS it is mainly used in office communication with colleagues and can be also used to interact with public.  London Fire Brigade uses email to inform people about their recruitment process and tell people whether they have been accepted for interview or not.communication and technology

HM Inspection Reports

HM Inspection reports are inspection of government agencies that go into organisations and evaluate the way they work and function.  They have to ensure whether the work that organisations perform is not against the law and if it is they communicate what is wrong in their reports.  It is useful, because organisations can see what they need to do in order to fix errors and function by the law of the land.  Because inspection has to give notice in advance, organisations can behave differently merely, because inspection is present and it makes it quite bias.  In prison service, condition of how prisoners are being treated can be inspected and checked if everything is done under law and prisoners are not getting abused.


Internet connects all the world and people have instant access allowing to create networks of databases and quick information sharing.  Immigration and customs offices communicate with other EU and non-EU countries all around the world to track criminals, runners and other possible threats.  This leads to a quick response and effective problem solving.  Internet had a big impact on how people live. To connect to the internet you need to have specific device allowing you to do so, also internet is full of viruses and hackers trying to steal information that can be related to banking and etc.


Intranet is a network within specific organisation or organisations.  It is similar to internet, but is restricted and connected to only needed computer networks.  Its advantages are that it becomes really hard to hack and implant viruses into network like this and information stays more secure, unless someone would have direct access or could connect to the network.  Police use intranet to store incident and crime reports as well as annual reports and many other data.  They only allow specific stations and bases to have access to this data to keep it secure from the public.  Disadvantages are that intranet has limited access and if organisation does not have specific system set up, you could not even reach Google or any other webpage on internet.