Cage Protected Drones Elios

Cage protected drones can now safely fly in hard to reach areas

Engineers from Switzerland developed a drone that can bump into something without getting damaged or get out of control.  The drone is within a cage system that protects propellers and keeps the drone steady even when it hits an object.  This allows the drone to be operated in close areas like caves, forests and other places with a lot of obstacles.  With this system the operator can perform difficult maneuvers safely without damaging the equipment.  The cage spins and drone stays still by a gyroscope principle.

Drone has a FHD (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps stock camera and with that a thermal camera that can identify sources of heat.  Because of its UAV(2.4GHz frequency) radio communication the range of control can go up to 5 km.  The drone it self is made from carbon fiber, magnesium alloy , aeronautical grade aluminium and high quality thermoplastics which makes the drone to weight only 700gr including battery, payload and protection – basically in its fully, ready to fly state.  Fully charged drone can fly up to 10 minutes and Lithium polymer battery of 2800mAh charges for around 1 hour.

The admired feature of drone Elios is that you almost do not need any skills in being able to operate it and if you really can’t it is not a problem as the drone stays safe in the cage even if you hit an obstacle with it unit you gain enough skill to get control of it.  This cage system revolutionized drones, so it can be applied to situations it couldn’t be.  All in all everything seems great about this drone, but there is only one downside which is the price.  The starting price of 25’000 USD for the first pre-orders can seem to be quite a lot of money even for the biggest drone enthusiast therefore probably the first who will get their hands on this product will be industry.

You can find more information here: Flyability