5G Technology Benefits and Dangers

Are you a smartphone user? Maybe, you can notice that from time to time the smartphone technology is advancing. You may have already seen the multiple generations of the data technology that emerged in the past years.

In 2020, it is expected that 5G technology will be launched globally. Giants in the telecom industry like Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. are already conducting several trials of 5G technology fixed broadband in both home and business establishments. Through 5G technology, the interested individuals and groups aim to provide an internet connection with speed up to 1000 Mbps in the rural areas while 10,000 Mbps in the urban areas.

Here, you have the chance to discover relevant facts about 5G technology together with its benefits and dangers.

What is the Truth about 5G Technology?

5G refers to the 5th generation wireless communication technology that is known to be highly reliable and spectrum bands with speed around ten plus Gbps, 20 times faster than 4G. It is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard for broadband connectivity. On the other hand, the formal standard has not been set yet. So, the final rule for the 5G technology is soon to be established by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union.

What Are the Benefits of 5G Technology?

Maybe, you are among the excited individual about the launching of 5G technology. But, what are the benefits you can get when it is globally launched?

  • 5G technology can offer a very high level of speed, so you can access high-bandwidth multimedia such as HD movies, videos as well as games which you can download in seconds;
  • It enables you to experience high-speed data services having industrial applications;
  •   It can help to incorporate the Artificial Intelligence in daily life activities and allow the cloud system to stream music, navigation data and software updates;
  • It can support critical applications, including healthcare and financial transactions;
  •  5G provides high speed. It is possible to achieve digital growth that boosts GDP rises as well as the employment generation;
  •   It can facilitate the Internet of Things ecosystem using enabling smart devices to exchange data seamlessly; and
  •  It can allow the instantaneous transmission of data and video so that surgeons can operate even in a remote location through robotic scalpel.

What are the Dangers of 5G Technology?

Of course, it is also essential for you to learn the dangers brought by 5G.

  • The speed of 10,00 Mbps is hard to achieve when incomplete technological support is weighted in most regions of the globe;
  • Most of the old digital devices cannot be supported by 5G technology;
  • It is expensive to develop infrastructure using 5G; and
  • Privacy and security issues are not yet resolved;
  • There are major health risk concerns to both humans and animals like birds due to 5G wireless radiation.

Data technology has started with 3G; then it progressed into 4G LTE. And now, people are beginning to hear about the 5G technology. Although it is not yet part of the mainstream, still it is essential for you to learn significant things about 5G. This way, it becomes easier for you to determine whether 5G technology features are right for you or not.